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Guest PontiacDude210

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Guest PontiacDude210

I hail from the Reatta forums, but I thought I would inform your forum of this. At a local yard the other day I asked for Reatta parts and was pointed to a white Allante convertible. The junkyard owner didn't know the difference. Knowing how hard parts are to find for these cars, I thought someone here might want to know about this.

The junkyard that has it is Joes auto parts in Spring Lake MI. Their prices have been very fair in my experience. Call before you stop in to make sure they have not crushed or gutted it. It's a white vert, not sure on the year. The body and lights looked fairly straight, the wheels I believe were original but rotted tires, and the top looked decent, but very aged. There wasn't excessive rust, and I believe the drive train was still together. It is obvious the top has leaked for many years and the inside is rough but all there from what I can tell. Hope this can help some fellow Michiganders who, like me, are probably having trouble finding 2-seater parts.

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