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DON'T let this happen to your club!!

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take a look at whats happening in the 'Packard Automobiles' section of this forum. Tiltled: 'Open Letter to ...'. (and those of u that don't like me will probably find even MORE reasons NOT to).

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OK -- So what? confused.gif" border="0 <P>Let he that has not screwed up something in his lifetime cast the first stone. OK, someone screwed up in some Packard Club magazine. Is that really relevent here? <BR>Who knows.<P>Basically I view your current post as a means of directing our attention to the Packard section where you have posted extensively on the subject. No problem there. smile.gif" border="0<P>I for one find your input there little different from your input here. Sometimes I agree with you and sometimes I don't, but I really don't have an opinion as to personal like or dislike. smile.gif" border="0 ~ hvs

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