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1926 Ford Model T Touring For Sale

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1926 Model T Ford Touring 4dr convertible. Great project car, still needs a few parts to bolt on, and bolted together...New upholstery and new radiator core. Car is in primer and black paint. It ran up until put into storage. Has a 1925 rear end. Was going to swap rear end years ago but interests changed. Rear end replaced without u-joint for fast assembly to roll and steering needs work, assembly. About 95% complete with a few spare parts, body pretty good shape. Have top bows with new wood installed. Tire carrier. Fenders are fiberglass front & right rear, left rear is metal. Have two sets of metal front fenders that go along with car if wanted that will need restoration or you can now buy new metal ones (that where not available 30 years ago.) Stored past 25 years in dry garage. Engine turns over freely. $5900. See Web site for photos. <A HREF="http://www.marindirect.com/modelt" TARGET=_blank>web page with photos</A><p>[ 02-06-2002: Message edited by: Brian S ]

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