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FREE!! 1929 Chevrolet truck, Must haul soon


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1929 Chevrolet truck, FREE!! 1 ton Express (I think it is called an experss) It is mostly all there, been out in the woods a while but will make an awesome project, several old motors, located in Western Oregon and would need to be picked up VERY soon. FREE!! <P>email jameslanier@edmail.com<P>Photos of this 29 Chevy truck can be seen at: <A HREF="http://glenhippo.tripod.com/truckphotos/" TARGET=_blank>http://glenhippo.tripod.com/truckphotos/</A> <BR> <BR> <BR> James <BR> shocked.gif" border="0rolleyes.gif" border="0tongue.gif" border="0

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