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WTB: rubber drain plugs for 1967 Toronado

Doc Hubler

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I am looking for these rubber pieces, L/R, that go on the bottom of the car, rear rocker area, and are the plugs/final exit for water from the vent drain in the rear trunk area. I have all the rubber tubes for inside the vehicle, but lack these. One was missing, but I did still have an old one off the car. As far as I can tell, neither Fusick or Steele Rubber sell these, so I may have to try and find NOS. Realize that is about as likely as winning the lottery also! But sometimes, something shows up. I've included pictures. I'm sure these were used for 1966 and most like all the first gen Toros through 1970. Not sure if Cadillac had a simliar setup for the Eldorado.

The round piece in the first picture plugs into the port where the drain tube is connected. It is the final release point for moisture from the rear window vent area. There is a little tab on it that forces proper orientation (downward towards ground). The slits along the sides of the round part are holes that go out the other side to release water. Prevents major rodents and insects and other road grime from depositing in the vent discharge area.

The part number, as best I can read it is: 4548417-FK-37-3






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Guest My27ChryslerModel50

Hi,, Inline Tube has has many of these obscure parts... I suggest you go threw all there catalogs of all car manufactures and look for any other parts needed... Ive bought the same plugs and many other hard to find parts from them.. Here is the link its should land you on page 195 of the catalog if not scroll down to page 20 of the PDF..


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