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1920 Chandler, update

Guest Sanddoc

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Guest Sanddoc

Hello all

Im working on a 1920 Chandler.. had a few people be able to help me...

Got the engine running, on sticky valve... the "water jackets" were like a seve

but we got them stopped now.. we should have made new ones, but the owner is

a strange one...

installed a push button start on a solenoid, the foot button was not working well

I turned it into the magnito kill swithc..

Had the starter rebuilt...

Took off the windshield today has he wanted to take it to paint,,always in a rush...

Damn there is no room in those old cars..

I adjusted the clutch the other day, but it seems to have made difference, he still

says it only has a tiny bit of travel off the floor boards. I think the clutch is shot.

Anyone have any idea on this?

Also need a caburator for this car..










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