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1964 Riviera Custom

Guest lvrpool32

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Guest lvrpool32

Im in Norwalk, Ct. Looking for $24,000 OBO.

My vision was a modern Pro-Touring/Street fighter look. You want chrome and flashy stuff, you won’t find much of that here I am afraid!

BODY - I began by adding a complete 65 front end (fenders, headlights, turn signals, custom lower bumper with driving lights and billet grill) I added genuine 1956 Buick portholes in the fenders, shaved the door handles/locks (doors are now controlled from a remote fob with a hidden emergency door button in the car), Hagen’s Hot Rods rear teardrop tail lights, exterior trim smoothed, custom hood scoop, front and rear spoilers and flared out the rockers for the side exhaust with custom exhaust tips.

Body is SEM’s color horizons Hot Rod Satin Silver. (7 quarts at $100 a quart!!) All trim/bumpers/grill/headlight doors are satin black. The trim is in excellent shape, as are the bumpers, painting was a "style" choice, not due to physical defect.

Underneath was wirebrushed and undercoated.post-53248-143142148132_thumb.jpg

ENGINE/TRANS - Engine is the mighty 425 “nailhead” with a turbo 400 trans. Engine and trans are original with 70,000 miles. The engine is basically stock other than a new ELCO 2 x 4 barrel intake and a pair of rebuilt Edelbrock carbs. It has ELCO valve covers, chrome breathers and a billet thermostat housing. Engine has been well maintained and recently had new plug wires, plugs, upgraded coil and the oil/filter changed. Exhaust is a custom side exit type using Allens chambered mufflers (think 67 big block Corvette!!)

The car has power brakes and power steering.

INTERIOR - Is basically completely custom. The front and rear seats are red leather from a 2006 GTO, the fronts are power operated (forward, backward, up ,down, recline and special access for rear seats). The door panels, rear quarter panels, sail panels, rear deck and rear seat divider are all custom red/grey. Door and window handles are Billet Specialties.

Dash is custom built from machine turned aluminum with two 5” Autometer gauges (white with black needle/numbers). The steering wheel is from Billet Specialties.

Stereo is a SONY head unit, speakers are all Blaupunkt and the amp is from Sony (trunk mounted).

SUSPENSION – The car has air bags front and rear, I would consider it a basic system, with the tank, pump and solenoids in the trunk and the 4 corner controls via billet buttons in the center console. Wheels are from Coys, custom painted satin centers/ gloss hopes with a hand painted red pinstripe and custom center caps. They are 20” x 8” front, 20” x 9.5” rear with brand new Toyo Proxes tires. Brakes are the classic finned Buick drums (power). I have a complete InLine Tube brake line kit that I have partially installed ( I did the main one that runs the length of the chassis, which is the real pain in the a$$ to replace!!). The rest will be in the trunk for the lucky winner!

Take a look at the pictures, the car sits right, looks mean and sounds awesome! (pictures show the car pancaked...it does go much higher than that :-))

WHAT IT NEEDS - I would say It needs a couple things here to really finish it off – for example the air ride controls are pretty basic, I would spend the money and get a programmable control unit. You will need to put the autometer sending unit in the gas tank. The shifter needs adjustment, it doesn’t seem to “click” into drive, the trans is fine, it’s just the shifter itself.

The headlights are right now a manual process (you have to open the doors by hand). I was going to design an electric motor set up, but ran out of time.

It needs new door weather strip.

NONE of these things effect the way the car drives now, they are simply the icing on the top of a very cool looking satin silver cake!!







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