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AMC Pacer commercial + interview on YouTube

Guest Gone Autos

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Guest Gone Autos

Hi, AMC fans.

This is Todd Ruel, and I run a web site devoted to the orphans. It's called Gone Autos.

Recently, I uploaded a vintage 1975 AMC Pacer TV commercial to YouTube. There are other versions of this spot on YouTube, but I think mine looks the best, because the original film print still had a lot of color in it when I had it digitized.

But there's more to this commercial than just the commercial.

This 30-second spot also has a text interview with one of the original dancers in the commercial. Her name is Kathy Kroll. She did an interview with me, and I published it in the text right under the commercial. I also published a better-looking version with more pictures on the Gone Autos blog.

To see the YouTube spot, go here:

To see the spot, the interview, and a few more pictures, go here: Kathy Kroll: upstaged/offstaged by the AMC Pacer | AMC Pacer, Kathy Kroll, TV commercial

I specialize in orphan car vintage films, filmstrips, and radio commercials. You don't often get a chance to talk to the people who made this stuff, because it wasn't meant to last very long, but this time we got lucky. Enjoy!

-----Todd Ruel

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