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WANTED: misc. parts for '37 Chrysler

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I am restoring a 1937 Chrysler Royal, C-16 sedan and need some miscellaneous parts. They may be the same as the 1938 C-18 or possibly DeSoto. If you have anything close, please reply and I will investigate if it's a match.<BR> 1.) Left rear vent window frame, with or without glass. Mine is rusted out and I can get glass.<BR> 2.) Vertical bar for radiator grille or possibly complete grille if reasonably priced.<BR> 3.) Armrest for right front door. Mine is missing.<BR> 4.) Any NOS chrome trim, misc. trim (horn button, dash emblem, etc.) or good used (no pitts or cracks).<BR> 5.) Accessories such as fender skirts or outside sun visor.<BR> I am working on a limited budget (I work for a living) so vultures looking to make a killing need not reply. If you are a true hobbyist looking to sell at reasonable prices and help out a fellow hobbyist, PLEASE reply or E-mail me.<BR> Also, if you have any leads as to where I might find such parts, your reply would be greatly appreciated.<BR> Thanks a lot....<BR> Ron Springstead<BR><P>------------------<BR>

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