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'90 Convertible

Guest Kingsley

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Guest Kingsley

Robideaux Motors in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho - (800) 421-6836 info@robideauxmotors.com continues to have this car showing on their inventory.

I have talked with these folks before and they seem perfectly content to hold to their $12,995 price. Black/grey, 14,587 miles. There has been some mention of it previously on this form.

I will be in Coeur D'Alene this summer and will stop and take some pictures.

I have no financial interest in the car.

NOTE TO BARNEY - will relay VIN and appropriate info to you to make sure that it is in your data base.


Reatta Specialty Parts - Headlight motor repair kits, convertible sun visor clips and EZ On replacement tops.

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