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For Sale: Original Full-Color Car Ads from 50's on up...


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Really neat to have! We have hundreds (maybe thousands) of original color advertisements of old cars! Almost all makes and moderls! They are in great shape and suitable for lamination or framing...Great gift for that car enthusiast! Email me with your make/model/year and we will quickly see if we can find one for you.Prices are as follows:<BR>1980 - 2000 - $5.00 each<BR>1970 - 1979 - $10.00 each<BR>1960 - 1969 - $15.00 each<BR>1950 - 1959 - $20.00 each<P>We also have an incredible 1951 Dodge De Soto full color original brochure (maybe came w/ the car) for $25.00<BR>(shipping/handling included)<BR>*After purchasing one ad, all additional ads are half price.<BR>Thanks : - )<P>Plec@AOL.COM

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