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for1935 DV Dodge Deluxe Roadster Maybe For Sale

Guest kotemaori

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Guest kotemaori

Cloisonne badges; rear of body below rumble seat, L & R side mount wheel covers, grille.

6 hubcaps suit 17" Dodge wire wire wheels (DODGE not DB), have several sets of DB caps I can exchange if useful

Folding roadster windscreen frame, aero wings

Nice grille with or without shell, pair of doors from convertible coupe, two door, coupe. DV front and rear bumpers

Although this body style is extremely rare, parts from other models, including DU, D2 and 1/2 ton commercials should be appropriate.

Only three of these known, and one has been hotrodded, if you really really want to own a project with chassis restoration completed and most of the other parts restored/reconditioned, contact me, your offer considered on it merits, swap preferred...John


Queensland, Australia

1935 DV Dodge Deluxe Roadster (not a convertible coupe)

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