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1933 desoto coupe wood body mounts

Guest house of tops

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Guest house of tops

I am a small wood shop in Portland, Oregon that reproduces wood products for the 20's and 30's mopar cars and trucks.

I have been told that the wood body mounts for the 1933 & 34 Plymouth and Dodge coupes are the same as for the 33 Desoto coupe. Can any one confirm this? I will attach a picture of the Plymouth mounts.

I am also looking for any of the wood out of these cars that i can use as a pattern so i can help others with there car projects. I am willing to make deals that will work for both of us.

Feel free to check out my web site that has pictures of some of my products and pictures that i have either worked on or made parts for. Page 1

Thanks and i hope some one can answer this for me.



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Guest 33chrysler

My guess would be no. Though 33 DeSoto SD should be the as 33 Chyrsler CO and CT, 1932 Plymouth PB and 1932 DeSoto SC.

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