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Classic American Car Artwork

Guest americana-autoprints

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Guest americana-autoprints

Artwork so realistic, we'll take it as a compliment if you think they are photographs. Each piece of artwork requires about three months to research, create and capture the essence of these American automotive icons. The printed artwork are not photographs. Each vehicle is carefully researched and created using computer 3d sculpting techniques as well as traditional artistic methods. The goal is to continue expanding the catalog of prints, 5 x 7 cards and gift tags to include American built Motor City Steel manufactured from the early 1900's through the early 1970's.

Please visit the Americana Auto Prints website and online store to browse our 8 x 10 prints, 5 x 7 folding cards and unique gift tags - http://www.americana-autoprints.com<O:p></O:p>

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