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Help identify early four cylinder heads, possibly Buick.

Guest Michael Patris

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Guest Michael Patris

Here is a pair of heads I have been told are possibly off an early 4 cylinder Buick, 1915 or earlier. The casting numbers are DR 15 15792-3 and DR 22 15792-4. The bore is tapered on the bottom where the heads bolt to the engine block at about 3-7/8”, but after the taper it appears the bore is 3-3/4” which I understand is a typical Buick size.

I would like to ascertain what they might be from and approximate value. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Michaelpost-69923-143139287321_thumb.jpg

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Guest Joe Kieliszek


If the spark plug holes are straight in (perpendicular to the edge of the casting), they would be for 1910 Buick model 10. If the spark plug holes are machined at an angle, the jugs

would be for a 1911 Buick model 32 or 33.

Both engines are 165 c.i.d.



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Guest Michael Patris

Thanks so much for the information... I believe they are straight, but I will recheck when I go back to the building. Any idea as far as value goes??

Thanks again, Michael

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