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1938 Buick 46S Pic +Buick Brake cylinders or from something else


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I'm continuing to work my way through my 1938 46S coupe, latest pics attached.

It now runs, stays cool, has great oil pressure, and now has a constant source of clean gas, after new rad, stripping down the carb, fuel system, pump, taking the tank out, opening it up, grit blasting, brazing back up, and then resealing. Rebuilt the speedo, finished the under dash wiring, found a trico wiper motor, linkages and gear drive, so nearly there, but I was being too optimistic. It doesn't stop, well it hasn't been used for over 30 years.

So off with the drums, they are out for skimming tomorrow, new shoes, and new cylinders, they are seized with the pistons corroding into the cylinders. When I took them off, they are numbered Delco 5301080 1 3/32 and one is marked R14 the other R17.

They should be 1 1/4", and the parts book gives 5301078 & 5301079 as the original part number for each side. So what do I have, and does anyone know what they can be from.

I also need some new cylinders, looking around there seem to be a choice, and after trying to find what mine are from I found the attached AC Delco brake cylinder for a 1960's Lincoln Continental for around $12.50. Comparative pics below.

If I can identify a later cylinder that will fit, it would be easier for me to find in Europe, and I want to have the car ready for Christmas :-)

Pics attached - advice welcome







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