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Guest Water Jacket

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Guest Water Jacket

Car Collector and Car Classics, excellent condition. Out of print. Most have original protective mailing cover in addition to magazine cover. $10 each postpaid

June, 1990

April, 1991

December, 1991

January, 1992

February, 1992

May, 1992

July, 1992

September, 1992

15th Year Anniversary Edition 1978-93, still in original, unperforated plastic shrinkwrap, $15 postpaid

Collectible Automobile, April, 1999, mint. $12 postpaid

Special Interest Autos:

Issue #130, August, 1992, mint, $10 postpaid

Issue #147, June, 1995, some discoloration along binding/water damage but readable. $5 postpaid

Issue #156, December, 1996, mint, $10 postpaid

Issue #166, August, 1998, fair, $7 postpaid

The Packard Cormorant Magazine, quarterly of the Packard Club

No. 31, Summer, 1983. Long out of print, mint, $15 postpaid

No. 47, Summer, 1987. Mint, $10 postpaid

No. 57, Winter, 1989-90. Mint, $12 postpaid

No. 59, Summer, 1990. Mint, $10 postpaid

No. 66, Spring, 1992. Mint. All Clipper issue, 1941-47. $19 postpaid

No. 82, Spring, 1996. Mint. All Darrin issue. Out of print. $25 postpaid

Replacement/reissued/corrected cover by publisher for No.83, Summer, 1996, mint, one dollar, postpaid

No. 93, Winter, 1998-99. Mint, $10 postpaid

No. 94, Spring, 1999. Packard Centennial issue 1899-1999, mint. $10 postpaid

No. 98, Spring, 2000. Mint. $10 postpaid

American Heritage of Invention & Technology, Spring/Summer, 1990, includes Drydock Number One at Brooklyn Navy Yard building US warships since before the Civil War; the rise of Silicon Valley; apex of transatlantic ocean liners--the SS United States; development of polypropylene today used in everything including many of your Johnny come lately "antique" cars; shot tower; vintage cars racing steam locos endpiece. Mint. Good luck finding one. $12 postpaid

Contact: mike-exanimo@sbcglobal.net and please refer to this ad

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