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1937 Pontiac Grill


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I have a welding company here in Barrie, Ontario Canada (established in 1945) who can "replicate" my original 1937 Pontiac GM Grille (8 pieces) - 6 Cyl.

My grille is in good - great condition, and solid enough for them to take all the measurements and have them cut with a laser, tacked and ready to go... They would be the same thickness (maybe a mm or two thicker) so they would show very well! Last a Lifetime!

The only difference will be the ribs, they wont be "folded" but solid bars, and can be ... electropolished (chromed is optional) and / or made in stainless steel (or any other steel).

Other then that, they would be identical and last very long.

(chromed is an additional cost) but I will check to see if the Electropolish is in the price as well. Getting new quotes from company.. will post prices.

(Electropolishing, also known as electrochemical polishing or electrolytic polishing (especially in the metallography field), is an electrochemical process that removes material from a metallic workpiece. It is used to polish, passivate, and deburr metal parts)


Anyone interested in the replica's, we can drive the price down if we have more then 5 orders, I am getting 2 sets made for myself.

Attached are the pics from my grille, along with an old factory photo of the rad part (dont know what its called) :)

Any feedback or interest, I'm sure we can accommodate...

Please message me for additional details.








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sorry for the delay, I still have direct access to the welding company, but unless we can get 5 or 6 grille orders, they will duplicate mine but they are running apx 1400 cdn each for 5 or more... I am trying to get the price down... the cost is in all the measuring, the electroplating is included, solid steel would last for decades, but the initial measuring eats up all the cost :(

let me know.. as I am still pursuing this... LONG LIVE Pre-war cars :)


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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for any late replies, I have been away in Ottawa on work projects… and being winter, I have been a bit dormant :) . . I am now starting to awake, and get into spring training for my restoration project. I will be once again contributing to the forum a lot more and sharing some interesting finds over the winter…


regarding the grille reproductions, if we can get 7 orders, it brings the cost down to apx $2,000 cdn each. I am still trying to lower this cost, its the labour of measuring and creating the template that makes the first run expensive...

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