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I am hoping someone here ( or maybe someone they know ) can help me to complete a collection of bulletins I have. I have attached 2 different front page images of examples of what I seek.

These bulletins were issued from Dodge Brothers / Graham Brothers Special Equipment division and may be dated but also may carry no date. Please remember these first pages that I have attached here are for reference purposes only and the actual bulletins I seek will not appear identical. They seem to be comprised of 4 pages per bulletin on average.

If you will notice the top and bottom heading of one of the bulletins carries the Graham Brothers Trucks Sold by Dodge Brothers Dealers everywhere banner.

The second carries the actual manufacturer of the company whom Dodge / Graham dealt with at the time to make up the special body or equipment being offered.

You may also notice at the top of the Graham bulletin there is a date for instance of March 15th 1926. I do believe this is the first bulletin issued, I do not believe there were bulletins issued before this date of this nature. ( at least I have not seen any such thing )

I have a later early 1928 Graham dealer book ( different format ) that mentions these dealer albums as being re-placed hence-forth so that gives me an approximate issue time-line of between March of 1926 and July 16 of 1928 to have as a reference point for my search.

The original Graham dealer album / binder that these would have been kept in were for the salesman to reference when attempting to have a prospect better understand what Graham trucks could do for them in their own businesses.

You will also notice upper right hand corner of the Funeral car sheet a quotation of sheet number 29, I do believe that since there is no mention of series anywhere within these bulletins that this would indeed be the 29th bulletin issued for the same original first and only series.

There were update sheets sent out to dealers asking them to move about these sheets within the binder or to dispose of old sheets altogether as needed and the Feb 17 1928 check sheet lists a # 72 as the highest number sheet which would mean/suggest I have all with the exception of the straggling few I have listed below.

I am hoping to locate these last remaining sheets so that I may have a better understanding of the vehicles/accessories/options in which were being offered at the time.

Fortunately I can tell you the heading or banner of most of these sheets so as to make the search easier.

Please see my list below:

Sheet No. or just # 45 - I believe this sheet will be en-titled Superior Hand Hoist Dump Bodies

Sheet No. or just No. 54 - I believe will be entitled Anthonu Automatic Dump Bodies

Sheet No. or just # 55 - I believe this will be en-titled Handy Governor

Sheet No. or just No. 59 - I believe will be entitled Lee Mechanical Hoist Dump Bodies

Sheet No. or just No. 60 - I believe will be en-titled Buda - Hubron Earth Drill

Sheet No. or just No. 61 - I believe will be en-titled Millspaugh and Irish B-472 Furniture Van body

Sheet No. or just No. 62 - I believe will be en-titled Motor Store Body

Sheet No. or just No. 63 - I believe will be en-titled Superior Garvity and Hand Hoist Dump Bodies

I would of course like to find original sheets but would at this point be very happy with photocopies as well.

Please ask for any clarification of what I may have not made clear enough and if you can help with any or all please contact me at my e-mail of jhason2@yahoo.com Thanks



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