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power steering on 455


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Help I've installed a 455 into my 66 lark <BR>and trying to mount the p/s pump the mount from the 455 is to low and the pump almost hits the gearbox and the mount from the 300 or 350 sits to high and the belt rubs against the water pump anyone out there have a solution ? any and all advice will be greatly appiciated<P>Thanks <BR>Jim

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Jim,<BR>Sounds like you are trying to use the bracket system from a 70 Electra Wildcat or Riviera.<BR>The GS from 67-70 used the same aluminum bracket but different metal plates that attached to the pump. Can't recall if the 66 system was the same as 64 and 65. The 300/340/350 setup up through 70 is too high and will rub the water pump.<BR>If you can't find the GS bracket/plates from a 67-70 the 71 on up system is the same for 350 and 455. It is a metal plate that bolts to the head and a wrap around brace that goes over the PS pump. Look for a system off a 71 and up 350 and all you will have to do is find a belt that fits. <BR>I know this will work because I have used it.<BR>Good luck,<BR>Mark

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