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90 lesabre limited alternator


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I recently had a high output stereo system installed in my car. Of course, I didn't know any better and blew a couple alternators out. I decided the stereo system just wasn't for me. I removed it and am now having my voltage reading drop everytime I hit the brakes, or turn the headlights on, etc. I know it is supposed to drop, but not by a whole volt or two. The factory alternator was internally regulated and carried a 105 amp max output. I ordered a new alternator to accomodate my system, but now that it's gone, I will try and use the new alternator to help the dropping voltage. Do you think this is something normal (dropping voltage) or did I fry something else with my system? Any hints? Also, if anyone knows, are the 200 amp alternators from Powermaster internally regulated or should I get a voltage regulator? Any other precautions with moving to that high of an output? Thanks!

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Youre right that your voltage should drop slightly but not a whole volt, it is possible that you damaged youre old alternator when the system was installed. Try out the new alternator if it doesnt work, check all of your fuses.<BR> Martin

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