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400 vs. 455


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What are the major differences between these two motors other than the cubic inches? I know that the 455 is supposed to get 10 more horses. Is it also more buildable as an engine? are parts more scarce for the 400? Are there less custom items for the 400 ie. stage one heads? Can one sup up a 400 just as easily and with just as much muscle as a 455?

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Many parts are interchangeable between the 400, 430, and 455 family of engines. Forget Stage-1 heads as the bore on the 400 and 430 is too small to use these larger valves.<P>Best thing to do is to order some performance catalogs from Kenne-Bell, TA Performance, Poston, etc. The Kenne-Bell catalog has more tech tip info than the others.<P>------------------<BR><p>[This message has been edited by Straycat (edited 02-12-2001).]

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