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Guest smidt

The Mercedes Benz W123 is a passenger car that belongs to the middle class, now known as E-Class.

It was produced in Germany from 1975 to 1986 being the replacement of the popular Mercedes Benz W114 / W115.

One of the problems that usually occur when we acquired a Mercedes Benz classic was that often lack the necessary information for the proper use of your comfort equipment, regular maintenance, replacement or repair of motor parts.


Several Mercedes Benz manuals they were available.

To have the user manual or Mercedes Benz W123 Owner’s Manual is essential to access the basic information necessary for safe and comfortable driving, car care and technical data.

More complex data on maintenance and replacement of chassis and body were found in the Mercedes Benz Chassis and Body Service Manual Model 123, which provides detailed instructions for the repair of damping systems, brakes, steering, electrical equipment and instruments.

The Mercedes Benz W123 was equipped with several petrol and diesel engines, so the manuals, commonly called of repair or of workshop, Mercedes Benz Service Manual Engines were published in several volumes depending if they were 4-cylinder gasoline engine M115 and engine M102, 6-cylinder gasoline engine M123 and engine M110, 4-cylinder diesel engine OM615 and engine OM616, or, finally, 5-cylinder diesel engine OM617.91 and turbo diesel engine OM617.95.

To maintain our Mercedes W123 we find excellent information on the Mercedes Benz Maintenance Manual Model Year 1981 - 1993, also suitable for other branded models, which give details of the procedures with extensive descriptions and images.

Most of this information was contained in the program Mercedes Benz Model 123 Service Manual Library featuring extracts from the above manual organized by topic to facilitate your search and reading.

As the years pass, it was increasingly common to find moving through the streets of the world Mercedes Benz of the past times that arouse admiration in the spectator stands and pride and satisfaction in their owners.

A classic Mercedes Benz is forever!

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