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Codes e041 & e42

Don Hudd

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Hi all, been awhile since I've been on here, but I now have 2 codes showing up. I know that e041 is the cam sensor. I has been on awile but was told that it wouldn't hurt to drive it. Now e042 is showing up, says it is ignition system, what does this mean? As always you guys are the greatest and most helpful folks around! Thanks for all your past and future help.


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Guest Mc_Reatta

These two codes together are interesting.

Did you ever check to see if in fact you have lost the Cam magnet?

These codes indicate that the ICM and ECM are having trouble sending some needed signals back and forth.

E041 means the ECM isn't getting a Cam signal from the ICM. Usually caused by missing cam magnet on the sprocket.

E042 means either the ECM isn't getting an EST signal from the ICM, or the Fuel Control Takeover signal from the ECM back to the ICM isn't getting thru.

I'd sure take a look at the connector on the ICM to make sure it is clean and properly seated. Both of these codes could be the result of bad connections although a missing magnet is more likely for the 41.

Do you have a DVM to take some voltage measurements?

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Thanks for the reply, yes I have a meter to take voltage measurements. How hard is it to see if magnet is gone and if so how to replace. I'm now getting worst gas mileage so the signal could be the problem. Where is the connectin on the ICM located?

Thanks agaian MC

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Guest Mc_Reatta

The connector is on the lower front edge of the ICM behind the radiator. Takes a 7mm or a 9/32 socket.

To see if the magnet is missing need to remove the belt, water pump pulley and cam sensor and use a mirror to look inside that hole at the magnet in the cam sprocket.

Look at the photos on Ronnie's site:

Ignition System Troubleshooting - ReattaOwner.com

Simple 3800 Cam Magnet Replacement - ReattaOwner.com

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