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Remaking Packard Authentic Wiring Harnesses!!!!

Guest dtalbott13

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Guest dtalbott13

Hey everyone in the Packard world, for those of you that dont know me, My Name is Drew Talbott. I am a McPherson College Student currently doing an internship at America's Packard Museum in Dayton Ohio.

The reason why i am calling out to all of you packard car owners is my good friend Donald Erickson has started a business called lark Works. He specializes in making and building Studebaker and Packard Authentic Wiring Harnesses.

These wiring harnesses include:

-Many of the Packard Automobiles that you all own.

-Authentic and Correct Wiring

-Authentic and Correct Connectors

These wiring harness will be exactly like the original wiring harnesses. If hasnt made a wiring harness for a certain car, you can send in your current original wiring harnesses and rest assured, the new one will look exactly like your original one. Your original harness will also be taken well care of and sent back with the new one. I have seen and built many harnesses with him and i know he does a very good job with attention to detail and craftsmanship! Please drop in and see his website at larkworks.net. Thank you all for your time.


Drew Talbott

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