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40's Plymouth visor

Guest JDHolmes

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Guest JDHolmes

The car was sold that this came from and it was a 42 Plymouth sedan. I'm unable to tell if this is an original Fulton visor or an aftermarket visor. It's not the prettiest at this time with a lot of paint loss. There are many dings, but almost all of them on flat surfaces for an easy bump out. All mounting brackets are intact and screw holes are there (not torn out). I'd like to get $250 for this but am negotiable. It just needs a good home and with a bit of bump work and some paint, it will be as good as new. It is aluminum, so light and though large, shipping should not be extravagant.

Fastest response is via my email in my profile. It comes to my phone. If you respond here or in pm, it may take a few days for a response as I come here only a couple of times a week.



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