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Does anyone have any info on the timing on a 1926 chevy. I got an owners manual and a shop manual for it but neither one has anything in it as far as timing. I put a washer in the top radiator hose to slow the flow down, but it is still overheating, so I need to figure out the timing. We put a test light on it the other day, but we couldn't find a mark or anything so I am a little frustrated. I am sure it is something with the way I am running the timing. Sometimes it overheats and sometimes it works great. If it sits and idles more then 20 seconds it will over heat every time. Help please!!! THANKS!!

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The timming marks on the chev 4 are on the flywheel. you view the marks through a window in the bellhousing on the right hand side of the engine just under the exhaust manifold.

Is the car overheating or is it just letting out a burst of steam when it stops? If its the latter then air is leaking into the water pump by the packing gland on the water pump shaft.

There is a forum dedicated to chev 4

1912-1928 - VCCA Chat

hope this helps and good luck with your car.

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Thanks for the response Mighty Mouse. It actually boils when it overheats. Can you explain more about air leaking? What is the latter? Thanks alot for your input.

I am going to get set up on the vcca chat also as soon as I get a little time. Since you said to try there I have checked the site out and I may like it.

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