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1930 President State Sedan

Guest studepeople

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Guest studepeople

I have for sale the top of the line series auto for Studebaker . It has an "8" rated at 115 hp , 3 speed transmission. This auto has had a complete ( total disassembly) and restoration. It scored a 100 point score at a"Gand Classic" in Seattle in 2000. Has been used on a few "Caravans" since . Has all corect wool fabrics and carpets. All the pot metal parts in the interior have been all redone in bronze thru "lost wax" and then nickel plated. Wire wheels have all been respoked with new stainless spokes and nipples. Wheels were powder coated for durability. Engine has all new pistons ,rings ,valve seats and guides and valves. All bearings have been redone.......the list goes on and on....call for details 417-634-0660 $42,000.00 dan











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Guest Water Jacket

What a nice car. For a few years in the early Depression, they used stock car engines at Indy, and these Studebaker eights were the engine of choice. Unsure, but heard there was some cross-fertilization from Studebaker engineers on the Pierce-Arrow straight eight,since Studebaker controlled P-A for four years. Lovely car, done right. And no tacky white walls!

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