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Water pump blues

Guest Huppnut

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Guest Huppnut

Took the car on a trip to a show yesterday, got within a few blocks of the show and the car started to over heat, 210 degrees on the gauge. I pulled over and took a look, it appears the fan/water pump shaft now has play and will need to be rebuilt. Any kits or re builders I should look for. Oh I filled up before the trip home, didn't over heat (180) but leaked out when I shut it off in the garage....UPDATE....Today before I dove into the repair I wanted to see exactly where it was leaking from, I filled up with fresh fluid, tightened the packing nut and drove off...it ran cool, never over heated, but when I shut it off, the water pump shaft area started leaking out. You can move the shaft outward (towards radiator) about a 1/4" and has a little side play, so I'm thinking a rebuild is in order? Thoughts

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