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1971 new car dealer items

Guest stage71@att.net

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Guest stage71@att.net

If you need descriptions as to what these items contain, and what their function was, just ask. The items I'm listing come from my collection that I put together from the early 80's to mid 90's. If you are interested in purchasing the entire collection, I would discount the price. I can combine shipping costs, and will get you prices on shipping options.

GM 1971 Dealer brochure: Great condition. Shows all makes & models, and has specs too on all GM cars. What I like is there is a picture of Red Stage 1 converitble in here. $20




1971 Lesabre, Centurion fold out brochure: Great condition. $8




1971 Buick trailer travel information brochure: Great condition. $8



Are You Sure You Didn't Forget Something? Accessory folder: Good condition, illustrations offering such items as Buick floor mats, tissue dispensers, and the Buick CB6 citizen band radio. $8



1971 Buick Colors: Good condition. Small fold out with chip samples, and availability. $5


Consumer Information for the 1971 Buick: fair condition. Small bochure on brakes for the Skylark, and GS $5


Double Check Buick and Opel...In the Winner's Circle again: Good condition. Fold out brochure. N.A.D.A. trade in value percentages, and values compared to the competition. $5


1971 Buick Dealer postcard collection: 9 unused postcards in great condition. You get two of the Riv.,an Estate Wagon,LeSabre,I'm also going to throw in a postcard size LeSabre Sport Coupe, LeSabre Sedan,Electra,Sport Wagon, Skylark, and a GS Stage 1. I'm also going to throw in a postcard size LeSabre handout that has a picture on one side, and it's spec.s on the other. $15(picture has a couple postcards in it that are not included)


1971 Buick New Vehicle Warrenty and policy on owner service: Not only is this mint, but it has never been filled out, or had any dealers imprint on it. Not even a protect-o-plate imprint. (yet) $20



Owners manual envelope: Mint, and never used. $15



Salesman's cheat card(2): Both in good condition. No folds. $3 each


1971 Buick matchbook covers(2): Good condition. Estate Wagon and Skylark Custom Sport Coupe $5


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