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Older Engine Parts/Clutch catalogs

Guest noncompos

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Guest noncompos

Looking for engine parts or clutch catalogs covering teens-20s trucks, Ag, Const, Ind'l etc etc engine-powered eqpmt for engine ID purposes. MUST list make, model AND engine make, model, like, f'rinstance : Bessemer "K" , 1918-23, Cont E4, or Kalamazoo OK, 1923 Wisc VAU. Catalogs on cars of interest IF SHOWS same info, like: Bush EC4, 1921-23, Lyc KB, or Moon 6-72, 1928-29 Cont 11E.

Am fairly well covered for years in 30s up, but will consider such later catalogs; exchecquer limited , must be relatively reasonable. Domestic (US/Canada) vehicles only.

Bud (noncompos) pitybud@q.com

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