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47 cadillac vin tag location?


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I just dragged home a 47 cadillac special fleetwood, car sat outside for over 30 years and is in bad shape. I am going to try and do something with it but need to get a title for it. Where is the vin tag located? I found the trim tag under the hood but have no idea where the vin tag is. Thanks!

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Cadillacs of this era did not have VIN tags as we know them today. You'll want to title the car by the seven digit number that is stamped into the frame. For 1947, this number is stamped into the top of the frame rail between the battery and the starter. You may need to wire brush the area if there is rust.

I am at work currently, but later tonight I can post what the first three numbers should be so you at least have an idea of what you are looking for.

Once you find the number on the frame, check the engine to see if it has the same number stamped into it. That number should be located on a machined area directly above the water pump. If the numbers match, you likely have the original engine. If the numbers differ or the engine number is located in a different place, it is a replacement engine.



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