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1950 Chrysler model body paint trim plaque

Guest another Ratman

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Guest another Ratman

I'm sure this has been explained before but one more time please.. The plaque on my firewall has different numbers and letters that are over/under on it. Model/body/paint/trim with numbers underneath and letters to the right at top. The bottom has more letters that are also over/under each other. In the middle is Body Number and a 4 diget number on the right lower is Sched/Item no. with a seven digit number under it. The plaque is the same color as the car and hard to read. Thanks all for any infomation to help me understanding this. Also who makes a authentic looking better performing wiring harness for old Chrysler's? Thanks again, Ratman. P.S. I would send a picture of the plaque but my camera has a problem.

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