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1962 Starfires and/or Parts

Guest Madyzsgocka

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Guest Madyzsgocka

I am the manager of a storage facility in Buford, GA - 35 miles north of ATL. I am foreclosing on two units, one a 10x40, and the other a 20x40 which hold 5 1962 Starfires, and 1 1962 Olds 88. 2 of the Starfires are convertibles. I don't know enough about the cars to say whether or not they are restorable as a whole, however, that was the original owners intent. They do have engines....the condition I could not even guess. There are some really nice re-usable parts on these cars. Most of the bodies have some rust, but, for instance, one of the convertibles looks pretty good. All the fenders, panels, hoods and trunks are not dented, they are in pretty good shape. There is alot of nice chrome, trim and window glass. I have a few of the chrome Starfire scripts from the trunk and fenders of the car. There's alot here to be salvaged. We have roughly 30 days to give anyone that wants anything from these cars a chance to make a purchase, and get the items. The owner of this property wants these cars GONE. He wants them to go to the recycle center. I could just cry thinking that these could be crushed. Let's get you folks what you need off of them....or I'll sell them whole. The former single owner (of all the cars) has been in jail since mid-May, and looks like he's going to the big house for at least 2 years. He owes us alot of $ for storage fees. Our abandonment paperwork is working it's way through the court system right now, and we should be all clear in a few weeks. Do you know of anyone that may be interested in either the cars, or some of the parts? I've got some general pictures here. Let me know what you need at bufordsuperior@bellsouth.net. We can work from there on more pics and info back and forth. My knowledge of the cars is limited, and yeah, I'm not gonna lie, we want to make some money here, however; we will also ask a fair price, and I will do my best to give anyone as much information as I can. I appreciate your time, and if you, or anyone you know is interested, I have more pics, and can take more pics of specifics. Thanks.

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