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46 fender skirt help

Guest Diceman

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Guest Diceman

I have a couple of really good fender skirts with original trim. They seem to not fit easily on my car. Can someone help with the part number. They have a number stamped on the support for the handle to attach to the fender. The number is 84651. I know this dosent match with the real part number. On ebay someone sold a single skirt and it had a part number wrote on it of 507541. (not stamped in). see the ebay site here: 1942 - 1947 Pontiac Streamliner NOS LH fender skirt 507541 | eBay

maybe you cannot access this link. If not see the attachment of the page.

My question is how do I determine if the skirts I have will fit my 46 streamliner? They are very tight. Not sure how the arms on the bottom of the skirt fit up with the fender either. Or how the attachment arm works with the skirt. Just a little lost.......:rolleyes:

ebay skirt (2).pdf

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