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91 TC V6 left turn cut out

Guest amazed1

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Has anyone experienced cut out on left hand turns after having relaced the fuel pump? I initially thought that my newly replaced pump was bad and warrantied it out. When I give it gas in a left hand turn, the car bucks and cuts out - then picks back up when I straighten out. Right turns and straight driving is great...I keep thinking sending unit?

I have taken this to a mechanic to replace the pump and they are doing all they can and now think that it has something to do with the baffles in the tank. Makes no sense to me since the car never had problems until the pump was replaced. The fuel pressure is fine, but drops out on the left turn. I would be greateful to hear from anyone with a similar experience?

I was wondering if the sending unit needs to be replaced too? - this is my deduction but I do not want to throw parts at the car to find out that this is not the case.:confused:<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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