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Misc old/older parts catalogs/repair books

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(1) 1930 Niehoff ignition/starter/gen catalog, 48 pgs, probably only useful for pix of Niehoff parts (NOT OE parts), no OE dist #'s. lots of smudges;

(2) 1936 Republic Gear ring gear/pinion, trans and diff parts catalog, 132 pages, lots of smudges, says covers"all cars and trucks" but I doubt. Looks better on cars, probably good on Chev-Dodge-Ford trucks, spotty on everything else.

(3) Dope-Master for 42-46-47 (Automotive Digest) 96 pgs. Surprising amount of fine-print adjustment-repair info, specs, clear wiring diagrams.

(4)1952 Bendix-Westinghouse Air Brake maintenance manual, 219 pgs;

(5)1949?? Blackhawk Jacks parts book--hand jacks 3 Ton to 50 Ton, bumper jacks, service (floor) jacks, Porta-powers. Foldout blowups. These must've been expensive. Very well used. Disgusting covers, lots of smudges. Pgs not numbered, 5/8 thick.

(6) 1962 Borg Warner U-joint catalog. Looks like 41-62 on cars, varies on trks, comm'l/ind'l eqpmt. 90+ pgs.

(7) Perfection Gear Auto trans parts catalog: Hydra incl Jetaway,Dynaflow, Powerglide, Fordo/Mercomatic, Powerflite and Ultramatic. Parts sections dated 59 to 61; exploded views. Pgs numbered separately, 2+ lbs, 3/4 thick.

Price $5 each plus media mail mailing. Details Bud

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