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I need some technical help with wiring.

Guest tommygfunk

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Guest tommygfunk

I have a 1957 mercury commuter amblewagon and the overhead rotator, siren’ and bumper lights all work, but somewhere in life the switches were just hooked up to a push pull switch. My 72 combo has a switch panel that flipping the siren switch up I could use the horn to activate the siren and down was just the horn. The wig wags are hooked to the siren switch so I’m guessing that is not right. They only work when siren solenoid is active. Its life as a mill ambulance shows in some of the long-term “quick fixes’ it has. If you have any ideas how to rewire this and keep it looking like it came that way from ACC please let me know.<O:p</O:p



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Guest Dick Whittington

I believe that you will need a double pole, double throw switch for the siren. I one position it will operate the horn relay and the other position operate the relay for the siren. I do not know if they used a relay to operate the wig-wags, but they should be on a separate switch.

I have wired and rewired several emergency vehicles and always used the switches to operate the ground on the relay. Just one less wire that has 12 V on it.

Del City Wire has a good selection of switches, relays, and wire that you might need

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