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Body Dolly

Guest rgould1910

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Guest rgould1910

Car body dolly. Heavy duty construction with movable posts, sturdy 360 degree wheels and step lock downs. The posts can be adjusted to any width from 20" to 36". They can also be raised vertically by inserting dowels in the post holes. The length of the fixture can be adjusted from 54" to 100". The top brackets can support 2 x 4s or metal rails, or, in the case of Model T Fords, the frame rails. The dolly can be rolled around the garage and locked in a fixed postition with the four foot lock downs. The dolly has sat for years in a storage container protected from the elements. Please excuse the accumulated dust. Prior to that time it was used in the restoration of Model T Ford bodies. A very useful and desireable fixture for auto restoration. The dolly can be disassembled for loading in a pickup truck. Local pickup at my home in Folsom, California, near Sacramento. Due to its weight, shipping is not feasible. A bargain at $150.00 Richard Gould, rgould1910@comcast.net.











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