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1990 White Coupe Sarasota


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Hi, there is a 1990 White Coupe for sale here in Sarasota, Florida ... the interior is Maroon. The sort of (was a demo so she purchased it with 3,000 miles on it) one owner car has 67,000 miles. The asking price is $3,875.00. Condition of the body is nice but there are a few door nicks on the passenger side. The interior is okay ... could use some freshening up but all is in good shape with the excerption of a cracked driver's side armrest. The tires would need to be replaced. The mechanic I use tells me it is in very good mechanical condition and I trust him since he was the local Buick Dealer’s Reatta mechanic before he opened his own shop 16-years ago. Contact telephone number is 941-822-2564. I will be glad to inspect the car further if someone is interested.

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