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Ford Chrome Trim Pieces to ID


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I have two Ford trim pieces that I have the numbers for but have not been able to ID the vehicle or where on the vehicle they go to. The numbers on them are as follow:

C5GB-16C218-A & 22513 There is also a K.B.Co. & 1 stamped on it

C5GB-16C219-A & 22523 There is also a K.B.Co. & 3 stamped on it

I am thinking from the codes that this is for the door trim for a 1965 Ford Comet but can't picture where the trim pieces go..any hints from any Comet owners out there and any ideas if anyone might be interested? I don't know if I have any other Comet trim in my many bundles of trim. These are just in the many boxes of numbers, letters and small insignias that I have been cleaning and going through to bag and inventory so haven't gotten around to identifying the large bundles of trim. Guess I should start there.

I hope you guys are ready to help identify large pieces of trim because I know that alot of them don't necessarily have identifying marks. Thanks alot for all the help~and if you all need letters for Fords and CHevy's I will be listing numbers to identify those soon here also.



Docs Gal

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I did not see the part #s in either the 1965 or the 1965-66 Lincoln, Mercury, Comet Master Parts Catalogs. The C5GB should be a 1965 Comet. Maybe they can be ID with a photo.

I am restoring this for a friend, I'll ask if he needs or wants anything.

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