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1950 Olds rear suspension question

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I need to replace the track bar bushings and cannot see how they fit on the axle end. The track bar is removed and the bushing mount at the frame side is obvious but at the axle side I cannot see how the bushing mount bolt is removed from the track bar. It looks like one end is attached with a rivet that would need to be chiseled off. IF so, then how to do I put it back on?

Does anyone have any experience replacing the track bar bushings that could give me a little insight?

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I'm hoping someone out there has done the track bar bushing replacement job. I added a photo to help illustrate. The bolt that goes through the track bar and axle which holds the bushing has a nut on one end but the other end is a round plate with what looks like a center pin. Although it is recessed it is not an allen bolt. When I turn the bolt the larger plate stays stationary while the middle rotates. It is very flat and nearly impossible to grip so it does not seem like it is meant to unscrew.

Would it have been common for something like this to be pressed in place? It seems very odd since it must come apart to replace the bushing.


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