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Clutch adj. 16v

Guest cliffv

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My Clutch is getting soft as I shift? Thinking of opening up and installing a new plate. any one got some words of wisdom are the part chrysler replacment or TC only. wile its open should i just replace every thing.

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Guest My TC Toy

Is the clutch slipping, or only soft? Are you sure it is not just an adjustment required?

If the pressure plate is loosing its strength, I would personally replace the plate, clutch disc and throughout bearing. The additional cost is well worth the trouble of not having to open it up again.

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Thanks TC Toy, just soft I'm reading the blue book on how to adj. the cluch first. Allen I'm looking at getting my hand on as many Spare parts as I can afford. I have one complete 89 auto. that I just had the body redone and painted and 1 for spare part. One 89 16v. and I'm adding Bobs 89 16v to my collection next monthas soon as I can get it up here. I have watch these cars on e-bay for ten yr. and now see how hard it's getting to find parts. I'm lucky to have a small warehouse to store parts for the if I need them day.

I realy love the feel when I drive my TC and that feel when the tubro kicks in. they sure are the poor mans joy toy to see and be seen in.

What started out as a summer driver with the top down as changed to an I got to have one of each 16V 8V and a V6. But I'll have to wait for the V6 as the house is now at the top of the list I'm told!!!!

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