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History research 1930 Serie 64 C

Guest Juergen

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Guest Juergen

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meanwhile it is more than one year ago I purchased beside my 1933 Serie 66 S a beautiful 1930 Serie 64 C . Both are running great and I had a lot of fun and got some awards here in germany. I tried to find out something about the history of the 1930 but no success. I wrote some letters, but got no answer.

I´ll try it here in this forum once again. This car is very rare, in the Buick Club Member folder there are only two other 64C known. I bought it in Los Angeles. It was many years part of the exhibition in the museum-restaurant “Original- Mike” owner Mike Harrah in Anaheim , California. I guess the restauration was made in the seventies on very high niveau and it is still in excellent condition. It is El Paso tan, over black Fenders and orange wire wheels with rear mount spare wheel. I am interested in any information about the history of this car, an email-adress, a name where I can ask for, or whatever. I think this car cannot be unknown in the LA or California area. Perhaps someone red this topic who has some news for me..

Thank you and best regards from germany


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