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Grand National


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2 X 1986 Grandnationals for sale.<BR>1.68,000 miles.bought from original owner<BR>factory power sliding sunroof,rear window<BR>defrost these are the only options.no rust<BR>but has some spider cracking and alot of<BR>scratches on the doors.headliner needs work<BR>but the rest of the interior is very nice[i<BR>hate using the word mint].The car is in very good condition and is all original[yes paint]<BR>I am not looking to get rich my asking price<BR>is what I paid for it.$8000.00<BR>2.117,000 miles.Repainted[not sure how long]<BR>but a very good job.T-tops,pw,pl,tilt,cruise,<BR>rear defrost,posi.The mechanics on this one<BR>are very good.This is also what I paid for this one.$7500.00.<BR>Im purchasing a differant car.I can afford to loose a little

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