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Guest LarsG

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Here's a problem that still haunts me: some while ago I got the complete overhaul kit including a converter for my C6 auto-transmission from Summit and installed it in my car with a mechanic friend. Neither of us have any experience with auto trannies but all went smoothly just the same.

Now, the problem is that I am not at all satisfied with the way the car behaves now: the upshifts are ok and not jerky, however, the transmission seems to waste a lot of time (well, milliseconds...) slipping or at least not doing much work. For instance, when starting from a full stop the cars does not move the instant I start pressing (gradually) the gas...in fact there are several moments or some travel of the pedal before any action takes place.

Also when coming to a halt after driving at some speed, the tranny seems to take too long in coming back to low again.

A new quirk that just commenced is that in reverse the car will not move smoothly now but will suddenly zoom back in a jerky way (chirping tires and all).

My "BIG" question is what can be wrong? Some tell me that I should replace the modulator, but we did already, so what else could it be?

I should add that there is no local shop that will take care of my beast, they are all seemingly busy making money on modern auto-boxes....so I need help!!

Any clues, possible steps to take, possibly troubleshooting tips, etc???

Thanks for any help!


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Guest raywilks

call kenny welch. you need to tell him i sent you. 407-758-5092. he is in orlando fl area but maybe he can walk you thru it. he just completed a C-6 for me to go behind a 428 cu in. good luck.

ray wilks . 407-422-1018. good luck!!

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