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WTB: Factory Air Blower Motor and Housing - 1957/1958/1959?

Guest rsd9699

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Guest rsd9699

WTB: Factory Air Blower Motor and Housing - 1957/1958/1959?

I have one but I need another. It is three speed and needs to work and have the blower housing crack free. I bought one off fleabay a while back but it is slightly smaller than the one I have. I do not have the car and have a different purpose from what Plymouth intended for it. I can trade the smaller one for the larger one. If you can help with part numbers, I will dig it out of storage and post pictures of both of them. There is only a 1/2 or 3/4 inch difference and the wiring is slightly different between the two. I am Chrysler ignorant but there are at least two different blowers and motors involved and the differences may be with the year or models - you tell me but the one I have came from a Plymouth that had the "fake" looking extra headlights. I got this in 1968 or 69 so my memory is real vague.

Many thanks


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