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1933 Buick wheels like Kelsey Hayes bent spoke!

Guest prs519

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I have for sale (5) 1933 Buick series 50 wheels which are 17 inch, and about 

4 inches wide. The picture illustrates how these wheels look (awesome) with a wide whitewall Denman tire, of which I have (4), used very little, also for sale. I will sell the tires separately, or with the wheels. The Denmans are 7:50 x 17 and I must say it is questionable whether one would want to use them on these wheels, as the big heavy beads of the Denmans are pushed pretty close together on the rims. Perhaps one could get the rims widened, but more sensible probably to just get a more ordinary 17 inch tire! If instead you do want to make the tire/wheel combo work, you must make sure you have appropriate clearance, especially on the steer wheels! I do NOT want an unhappy buyer. These tires are truly awesome, and are part of why the big classic cars are so breathtaking. I bought them to use as a poor man's overdrive, on a car equipped with 16 inch wheels. That car is sold, but according to my fuzzy math, these wheels would have given me 12% more roadspeed at a given rpm, and I was not too worried about getting a speeding ticket because my speedometer was not calibrated. I must tell how far up my belly button my head was in acquiring the wheels. I went up into Montana and retrieved two of them. One came from the midwest and one from back east, over about a 2 year period of watching ebay. I do not recall where

I got the 5th one! Anyway, they had to be 1933 Buick Series 50 wheels or they would not have the 5 on 5 1/2 lug pattern that I needed. THINK ABOUT IT FORD GUYS! I DID SAY 5 ON 5 1/2, DID I NOT MR. HOTROD, AND MRS RATROD? YES, YES, I THINK I DID SAY THAT! So, talk about the ultimate stupid, after buying these, and shipping them at high expense, etc., it finally dawns on me that all I needed for my overdrive, was 4 of the 17 inch Ford wheels which I had in a pile all along. Kinda utterly dumb as I recall, because if A=B, then B=

A, or, as my Chemistry professor once said, one may proceed in research not only by making a sick mouse well, but also, forbid, by making a well mouse sick! I did not use quotes because I probably misquoted him. (Hey someone advises writing a book, but I doubt being this far off topic is very bright), so:

4 good 33 Buick wheels; 1 pictured, 3 surface rust, and a spare that doesn't roll straight, for $420 plus postages. The Denman's, all just like the one pictured, except cleaner, tell me they should bring $500, as tires like this sell for close to $300 EACH now. email to prs519@hotmail.com. or, starting Monday, call 208 569 2837. I am located in southeast Idaho.


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