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1936 Buick - $4,000

Guest oeyjay

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Guest oeyjay

1936 Buick, 41 Series Special, 4 door Sedan with one side mount, straight 8 cylinder.

Picked up this car some time back in hopes to restore it, but have not had the time to get it started. Now with buying a new home, even more time will be lost. Instead of letting it continue to sit, it is for sale for someone looking for something beautiful to restore.

The car is in good shape and is all there and has not been modified. The bottom of each door along with the bottom of the trunk will need replacing due to rust. Other than that, just your normal surface rust on the bottom side. The interior is all original and will need replacing along with the glass and so forth. There is a small dent on the rear right fender that will need to be bumped out and a replacement for the left rear tail light will need to be replaced.

For being 70 years old, this car is in great shape and will make a great project for someone wanting to start their first restoration project or a profitable project for one that has been down that road before.







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