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Buick bumpers


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I cleaned out old Buick dealer years ago and have a few bumpers left. These are good for drivers or cores. I'm not a Buick man so i'm going by pics in "Seventy years of Buick".<BR> <BR> Fronts-$50 each<P> <BR> 2- 72-73 Centurion-LaSabre and 72 Electra<BR> 1- 73 Electra, no rub strip<P> Rears-$50 each<BR> 4- 72 Electra<BR> 1- 64 Electra center section-rechromed <BR> <BR> pair 63-64 Riviera front has peeling chrome, rear is a rechrome. $200 for pair. <P> also NOS bumper guards-$50 per pair<BR> <BR> 981736 1-pair front<BR> <BR> 981737 1-pair rear<BR> 981793 4-pair rear<P> offers considered on quanitys<P> E-mail duce32ford@home or 616 979-2277

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Talk to me more about the Centurion bumpers. I have a '72 ragtop. I'm interested in the rubber bumper guards for that bumper style. Is that what you have?

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